Recipes and Advices to cook our noble products,"Home made" !



FOIE GRAS (the products which are concerned by that this name "Foie Gras" :
- the entire natural Foie Gras
- the "Bloc" of Foie Gras

It must be fresh tasted. So shall we put it into the refrigerator about 4 to 8 hours according to its size.
Half an hour before serving : remove it from the mould, opening both sides if it's tinned, or dipping the back of the jar in hot water if it's bottled.
If you want to cut slices easily, just dip your knife regularly into hot water.

The Foie Gras has to be tasted alone, at the beginning of the meal.
It's pleasant to accompany it with white mellow wine like Sauternes.




THE CONFIT Confits are quarters of duck or goose (wings or legs) already cooked.

After having taken the Confit out of its tin and having taken most of the fat out, your just need to rehead it :

- Or in the frying pan,on a low flame, with some fat : glaze on both sides until it's hot inside.

- Or in the oven: as the grill is at its highest temperature, put the Confit in , skin on top. When the skin is glazed, the Confit is ready to be served.

The fat which is all around the Confit is usually used to cook potatoes, mushrooms (ceps), green beans or haricots.

The Confit "en papillote" (cooked in aluminium) in embers, accompagnied with potatoes prepared in the same way is absolutely delicious.

Finally, cold Confit, without fat, can be a marvellous meal for summer menus whith only green salad.


First of all, you have to choose many different salads
Mix some duck's hearts, gizzards, fried duck' slices, and some slices of dried or smoked magret.
Add some pieces of grilled bread
Dress as you like (salt, pepper, oil, vinegar,...
Now, just taste it !

















GRATTONS (also called grillons)

The small pieces of fried flesh, cooled, can be an excellent starter, fresh served.
You can have an economical and tasty course with some smooth grillons accompagnied with boiled potatoes, omelette, or some salad